We’ve all woken up looking shabby, repeated our night wear night after night because ‘Who’s even looking?’ We’ve all had friends visit us on a weekday after work… for some wine & cheese or a cigarette & tea.

What does that lead to?

Shuffling your cupboard inside out to find that one piece of clothing that screams ‘Weekend vibes’ on a Wednesday evening.

Over time, the line between loungewear and our everyday fashion statement is constantly blurring. While we look for something chic, sexy (for the lack of a better word) – we also need something we can survive in through the day. La.Q.Una solves just this divide – the binary between a sultry evening outfit and loungewear that makes the whole act of undressing a whole lot more sensual, attractive yet poised. Needless to say, it makes sleeping a whole lot dreamier.

The LA.Q.UNA woman loves her confidence, she’s outspoken, enjoys a glass of wine now & then, is a socialite but has a bunch of close friends she comes around to (Introverted Extrovert) – Not everyone is aware of what she’s made of.
She’s aware of all trends in the fashion space but always goes for something that resonates with her personality – something that exudes finesse, luxury & comfort & class – just like her. But beneath this strong, level- headed woman is a head full of dreams. She yearns to look a certain way that pleases herself, she is the kind of person who would push a lucid dream in the direction that makes her look like a wonder.

What does La.Q.una do for this woman?

The brand is for those who desire to possess clothes that dreams are made of. Its offerings are stuff that fantasies are made of – the brand explores this woman and her needs from the first ray of the sun to a gentle moonlight reflecting on her window sill.

Wearing a LA.Q.UNA piece of clothing would be desirous, coveted, poised yet seductive, fierce yet soft, bold yet subtle. “…. it is almost like,

when you wear LA.Q.UNA, you #WearYourFantasy.
so enjoy your #LifeInLAQUNA

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